News update from the Working Group: 14 July 2020

We are currently completing Stage 2 of our Consultation Process; this time with businesses, community and arts organisations across our Parish.

We are also out and about in the Village completing the Character Assessment of the different areas of Stoke Ferry. We have completed most of the Conservation Areas and are now concentrating on other parts of the built environment.

Funding: We have applied for the second round of funding from Locality and also for a grant to carry out a Housing Needs Assessment.

We also thought that you'd like the graphic (below) which gives an update on Neighbourhood Plan progress across the country.

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The Data Profile on Stoke Ferry

Is now available to download...just click on the image on the left.

  • It contains data on:

    • Community & Services

    • Housing and the Built Environment

    • Natural Environment

    • Business and Employment

Stage 1: Consultation Day

February 15th 2020

Images from the day

Working Group Workshop with Rachel Leggett

January 18 2020

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